Magic Ornaments® are the solution to the problem of bulky, fragile Christmas ornaments. ALL 40 ornaments, plus the ribbon, fit into ONE ENVELOPE!



The patent pending Magic Ornaments® collapse down flat in seconds. Made from durable plastics and cardstock, they will last for many years.



Everyone, especially people living in apartments and businesses will be able to enjoy having a Christmas tree without needing any storage.

Fun for the whole family!


A comparable, non-collapsing ornament set would require a bulky two cubic feet container!


Because many sheets of the Magic Ornaments have a different color on each side, you can 'change' their color simply by turning them inside out. With their versatility, it's like getting two ornament sets for the price of one, and the space consumption of none!


The Magic Ornaments set contains 40 stunning ornaments and 40 feet of beautiful wired ribbon, able to generously adorn most Christmas trees. There are two popular color themes to choose from:


Michelle Powers
Genius Idea! Items come in a flat red envelope and then they turn into pretty, shimmering balls! These ornaments have a wonderful vintage Christmas feel. I showed the transformation to my kids and they were wowed. I also like how most of them are a thick plastic. Durability is important. You get an assortment of balls, wired ribbon, stars, angels, swirls, snowflakes, and a big tree topper.

Julie Levine
I am totally in love! They are beautiful and each one is completely unique. I love how easily they assemble and it makes it much more fun for tree decorating. These ornaments are perfect for your family, for stocking stuffers and to send to to others -- they are light and easy to ship. These are really one of a kind artistic and fun decorations for your tree. Not to be missed!

Pavel Vesely
It really turns into pretty balls and stuff! I showed it transforming to my kids and they thought I was doing a magic trick. I also like how most of them are a thick plastic. Durability is important.

These are great! I bought them as a gift for a friend living in an apartment. I think they are great space saver. Thanks

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