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Sylvia Rostami, the owner of Arcworks™, has a long history of being an entrepreneur, artist, and inventor. In 1999, she successfully launched her company Infinite Image, through which she created hundreds of Picture Mosaic artworks for installations, advertisements, and television commercials. Then, in 2002, she invented Text Magic™, the revolutionary art form where words magically combine to create an image. The success of Text Magic™ was soon followed in 2006 by her invention of Textillism™, a new art form which is also created from legible text. Sylvia obtained patents for her two art forms, and through the years, has created artworks for clients from around the world, ranging from many Fortune 500 companies to the White House.

"I have always loved the merger of art and science, creativity and innovation - to make things of beauty and functionality. Magic Ornaments® are my latest creation."

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