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Textillism™ artworks are the ultimate merger between art and the written word. Sylvia Rostami, founder of Infinite Image and inventor of Textillism™ (patent pending), has revolutionized a new process where words magically combine to create an image. Similar to the painting style of pointillism, words and their background are colorized such that when they visually blend together, they achieve a vibrant image. Through our ‘textual pointillism’ art form, a vibrantly colored artwork can be achieved while simultaneously maintaining the text’s clear legibility. Textillism™ is the latest innovation of Rostami, who has created numerous artworks for magazines, television commercials and installations around the world, including the White House. Textillism™ can be created from any kind of text or image. For instance, if a company supplies a picture and a list of its employees' names, a Textillism™ artwork can be custom created so that every employee will be able to find their name and the names of their colleagues. Dazzling artworks can be created from poetry, product descriptions, advertisements, biographies, students' names, etc. Textillism™ images can be created using any language, any length of text and any font. We customize every artwork to suite each client’s needs. Now with Textillism™, a picture is truly worth a thousand words! Please contact us at (818) 757-3341 for more information or to discuss custom Textillism™ artworks.
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