Photo Tiled Mosaics
Photo Tiled mosaics are created from hundreds of tiny images. Their advent has all but coined a new axiom 'A picture is worth a thousands pictures'. Through Infinite Image's extensive research and development, and our many years of expertise in image processing, we have established our prominence in this exciting new art form. We offer a broad range of services to meet all of our clients needs. From magazine ads, to large corporate centerpiece artwork and trade show murals, to fully animated television commercials -- we custom tailor solutions for each of our clients' diverse range of applications. Our goal is to offer our clients the highest level of quality and customization at competitive prices.

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Infinite Image has developed unique processes which enable us to create awe inspiring mosaic art works from the smallest and most limited of image collections. Clients can either supply their own image collection, or select a collection from our extensive image library. Our vast database contains hundreds of thousands of images, and includes numerous subject matters to choose from. In addition, our clients can specify any subject matter, and have us generate a customized image collection for them.

Clients can also provide their own image collection in any media (photos, digital, video, etc.). For motion picture applications, we can create fully animated mosaics made up of animated clips. The final artwork can also be delivered in any media (image files, professional prints, video, film, etc.).

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